Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External engines - metadata
Author Roman Rokytskyy
>>> Above is i don't know what ;) It have nothing common with _system_'s security
>>> as real _system_'s security already defined by sysadmin. I.e. if sysadmin allow
>>> to java programs to send spam then there are no guarantee that dbadmin will
>>> take care about it. And if sysadmin disallow to java programs to send spam
>>> then no dbadmins can do it.
>> It is delegating the responsibility for some particular domain to the
>> dbadmin. I see it as the same kind of security.
> From the ISP's point of view this is not security. And we talk here about ISP,
> isn't is ?

I won't argue a lot on this topic, since we don't have any ISP here and
all what we do is just pure guesswork. So, I think, we can agree on the
fact, that the global policy will be configured in an external
configuration file in the first release and we discuss it more in
details when real ISPs come to us with the suggestions.

> While i can't agree its necessary i not object until all plugins are equal for
> engine. Each plugin as any other application may create its objects in database.
> If it granted to do it ;)

Are you thinking something like GRANT CREATE TABLE TO PLUGIN JavaESP?