Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] External engines - metadata
Author Roman Rokytskyy
>>>> If Java security manager may give disk access permissions to classes
>>>> by its name, why do we need to integrate (read - re-invent) this functionality
>>>> into FB ?
>> Vlad, we didn't need to reinvent anything.
>> We just need a way to configure Java security though the database,
>> instead of editing JVM configuration files.
> Why though the database ??? Give me a reasons, please

Consider the case of ISP. The sysadmin defines permissions common for
all databases (read users) of the system. For example it defines that
each database can do something on the file system in user home directories.

Now we have a database admin creating a database and he decides that he
gives a possibility to deploy new Java procedures to Ann (should be
handled via something like GRATE CREATE PROCEDURE), but the procedures
should be able to access files only in a particular directory.

So, you need both - one "per-server" configuration (can be a file) and
per-database (either via database or file). Database looks more natural
(but at the same time I object to extend our DDL/DML commands -
management procedures exported by plugin should be enough).