Subject Re: Gpre & the SQL parser
Author Stephen Boyd
--- In, Jim Starkey <jas@...> wrote:
> Actually, I don't think it could. GPRE was designed as a balance
> between ease of use and performance. For ease of use, it handles clean
> language extensions that allow arbitrary database field references in
> host language statements and host language expressions in DML
> statements. This is a level of integration that DSQL can't provide.
> For performance, GPRE handles DMLat compile time, generating BLR
that is
> faster to process than SQL, doesn't require four copy operations per
> field (is it only four?), and automatically caches and reuses compiled
> requests. A program written with GPRE will be smaller, simpler, easier
> to write and maintain, and will blow the doors off the same program
> written with DSQL.

Thank you Jim. I couldn't have said it nearly as well. For non OO
programs embedded SQL programs ARE far easier to write and to maintain
than programs written to the API. Even with today's muscular machines
I can notice a performance difference between embedded programs and an
equivalent program written in something like Delphi.