Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Gpre & the SQL parser
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Stephen Boyd escreveu:
> I have been wondering recently about the possibility of having a
> common SQL parser for the Firebird engine and GPRE. Over time the SQL
> supported by the engine and that supported by GPRE have been
> diverging. I have made a few small efforts to hack support for the
> features that I need into GPRE but GPRE is difficult to maintain (at
> least for me) and it seems silly to have two distinctly different SQL
> parsers for the same product anyway.
> Has anyone else given this any thought? What would be involved in
> doing something like this?
> It would be nice if keeping GPRE in sync with the rest of the product
> were made easier.
I would suggest you to follow SQLJ way.

It parses what he needs for parameters and return values and send the
rest to JDBC (the FB API or a Cobol layer, in your case).

IMO, we don't need a common parser.

We need to maintain GPRE because we internally use it.

Who more uses it? Maybe only you?