Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] RFC: The Server client (about Gateways...)
Author Ann W. Harrison
m_theologos wrote:

> We saw in the poll organized by foundation that the inter-database
> queries was in a relatively high position in the users preferences.
> (Also, I need this feature, but for the time being I simulate it).

There's no theoretical problem with providing cross database queries.
There have been designs for it for decades. There is a practical
problem however, which is optimization. We currently optimize to
minimize the number of records in the intermediate data sets. For
cross server joins, we'd also have to figure in the communication
time and latency and they have always been a moving target.

Just as an aside, I'd rather not use the word GATEWAY for connections
between Firebird servers. We've traditionally used that word to
describe bridges to foreign databases. At various times there have
been gateways to Rdb/VMS and Oracle.