Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Database triggers
Author Jim Starkey
Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> Vlad Horsun wrote:
>>> This would be a very starting point for virtual tables. Rather than
>>> What account do the trigger run under?
>> Under account of user who initiated action. All proposed triggers
>> fired at moment where valid user account is established
> That really won't work for before connect or after disconnect triggers.
It particularly doesn't work when you're trying to keep an audit trail
that readonly (or no access) to most users.

There is also a problem with logging a violation when the trigger throws
an exception: Exception -> rollback -> log record disappears.

I'm going back to harp on my earlier point: Without a statement of what
problem this is supposed to solve, there is no way we can tell if it
meets the requirement. If, for example, this is intended to log
failures, the proposal has a serious problem. If it's supposed to
create a tamper-proof audit trail, it has a different set of problems.

Adriano, it's your feature: What's it for?


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