Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Database triggers
Author Leyne, Sean

> Sean, Jim,

> Sorry guys... but... what is "SOX" ?


A US federal law, which outlines a series of requirements that publicly
listed companies must meet in order to be listed on the stock exchanges
-- created as a result of the Worldcom/Enron fiascos.

The requirements apply to a large number of business areas, including IT
systems and procedures/processes as well as core business
systems/applications. One of the key application requirements is the
ability to track all 'significant' data changes.

The legislation is vague, as legislation usually is, which means that
people are taking it to mean different things... some are narrowly
construing the "significant data changes" to mean a full audit of all

The catch to the legislation is that the company executives are now
*personally responsible* for the accuracy of the financial statements.