Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Database triggers
Author Leyne, Sean

> Leyne, Sean wrote:
> >
> > SOX tracking of all data changes made in the context of a
> > transaction/session/connection.
> >
> OK. Logging? This really feels like an application level
> issue rather than a database issue.

SOX requires that all changes, even those processed via database script,
be audited.

So, this is not a application level problem.

> For example, gbak starts
> a transaction to backup the database. Won't SOX be unhappy
> if it has an unaccountable transaction?

It's not that SOX requires that all transactions be accounted for, but
rather that all changes made in a transaction to be related to each
other, and that transactions be related back to a database

Having a trigger fire when a db connection is opened, would allow for a
Session context variable to be set and an entry in a login table to be

Then, having a trigger fire when a transaction is started, would allow
for a Transaction context variable to be set and an entry into a
transaction log table created.

From there, "change logging" triggers on the individual table would be
able to use the "Transaction ID" when posting entries to the audit