Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Database triggers
Author Jonathan Neve
Adriano dos Santos Fernandes wrote:
> Jonathan Neve wrote:
>> What if a user other than SYSDBA/DB owner wants to use GBAK/GFIX/GSEC?
>> If the flag is automatically set ON, how will it react if the user does
>> not have the right to disable system triggers?
> Only SYSDBA/owner is allowed to backup a db.

Ok, that solves the problem then.

>> however, as far as I know,
>> the password would not be accessible, which would severely limit the
>> usefulness of a before connect trigger (I imagine it being used for
>> performing custom user/password validation at the database level).
> The trigger is AFTER CONNECT and will be fired only after successful login.

True, you didn't mention BEFORE CONNECT. But what you be the
disadvantage? It seems to me that would add considerably to the
usefulness of these triggers, don't you think?

>> Perhaps, since we're talking about triggers, we could make available a
>> sort of virtual "table" against which the trigger would be performed. In
>> other words, could we write triggers like this (assuming "users" to be a
>> custom table of users):
> That should be subject for another topic.

Well, yes, the above is unnecessary if you don't have BEFORE CONNECT

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