Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Database triggers
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Jonathan Neve wrote:
> What if a user other than SYSDBA/DB owner wants to use GBAK/GFIX/GSEC?
> If the flag is automatically set ON, how will it react if the user does
> not have the right to disable system triggers?
Only SYSDBA/owner is allowed to backup a db.

> Also, what parameters will be available within the triggers? For
> example, in a before connect trigger, I imagine the current_role and
> current_user variables would be accessible;

> however, as far as I know,
> the password would not be accessible, which would severely limit the
> usefulness of a before connect trigger (I imagine it being used for
> performing custom user/password validation at the database level).
The trigger is AFTER CONNECT and will be fired only after successful login.

> Perhaps, since we're talking about triggers, we could make available a
> sort of virtual "table" against which the trigger would be performed. In
> other words, could we write triggers like this (assuming "users" to be a
> custom table of users):
That should be subject for another topic.