Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Open Source and Open Documentation
Author Jim Starkey
Paul Beach wrote:

>>That's fine. But if anyone else wants to start a Wiki, the offer of a
>>machine stands. I would much rather try the resolve the problem of two
>>than to continue to have none. Frankly, I'd rather see effort go into
>>developing content that re-implementing free, existing Wiki code.
>Lesters Wiki is on that server. And he is trying to resolve the search problem.
>Once sone, the wiki is ready to go. Write access will have to be restricted to
>contributors, whilst read access will be available to all.
That's fine, I'm glad to hear that, though I will say that it's been in
that state since last May. Frankly, I don't think a closed Wiki is all
that likely to succeed, but I'd be delighted if it did. But the offer
of the machine and T1 for alternative approaches remains open.


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