Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Open Source and Open Documentation
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:10 AM 5/09/2006, jas@... wrote:

>There have been any number of attempts to create open documentation for
>Firebird. To the best of my knowledge, all have failed.

The best of your knowledge is not good enough. The Firebird-docs
project hasn't failed. It's an ongoing project that anyone serious
about documentation can contribute to, either to edit and update
existing material or to add new stuff. It's open document under
Creative Commons licensing. And you can contribute plain text if you
really can't get your head around DocBook XML.

The offer of a machine to host docs is great. Currently we've got
source, software, binaries and HTML scattered between the Sourceforge
CVS, SF FTP and our webserver. If your offer isn't weighted with the
obligation to use Wiki format and/or some proprietary tools, I
suggest re-posting it to the firebird-docs list.