Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Open Source and Open Documentation
Author Lester Caine
Jim Starkey wrote:
> So I will renew the offer. I have half a 4 gb dual-dual core Opteron
> running SuSE 10.0 that is available to anyone who wants to set up and
> manage a Firebird Wiki. I have only two rules. First, the content
> must be available under the same IDPL as the other source code. Second,
> read access can't be password protected.
> Any takers?
has been moved to one of the firebird servers and is ready to go once I
work out why the search indexing is not working on html format pages. I
should have left things with wiki format pages - which work fine - but
the request was for something a little less non-standard ;)
That will have access restricted for editing, but read access will be
unrestricted as the original has been since the start. Just no one was
interested in helping :(
Perhaps once we can get it up more people will contribute!

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