Subject Re: Gpre & Cobol
Author Stephen Boyd
> Frank S-G did some tweaks to please the Tiny-COBOL users some years ago,
> so probably somebody was trying our COBOL generation code.

OK. I'll post a couple of messages on the Tiny Cobol lists and see if
anyone bites.

> However, I see two identical letters "gpre & cobol" that you posted
> successfully to fb-devel, using
> Stephen W Boyd [sboyd@...]
> and
> Stephen Boyd [sboyd@...]
> and you were answered by Paul Reeves. Therefore, I suggest to not
> each list' purpose. High level insight here. Programming details in
> fb-devel.

I think that Paul (or someone) was kind enough to forward the messages
to the devel list for me. I have posted several since then and they
don't appear. I had assumed that Paul's largess had expired.