Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Gpre & Cobol
Author Jim Starkey
Stephen Boyd wrote:
> I am looking at Cobol support in GPRE. Specifically support for
> RM/Cobol, although much of this would apply to most ANSI-85 Cobol
> compilers.
I don't know if Borland did anything with it, but the Cobol support was
designed specifically for VAX Cobol back in the dark ages.

If you're lucky, the module still be maintainable. Adding some switched
to control the dialect should be straightforward. GPRE is designed
around a single parser with an open ended set of code generators. Most
languages had a single code generator for all dialects, but PASCAL
varied so widely that I think we had three different code generators.
> If I don't here anything at all, I will have to assume that no one
> cares and that I can do my own thing.
I think you could call a plenary session of all Firebird Cobol users,
elect yourself chairman by acclimation, and go at it. One word of
caution, however. GPRE was my very first C program.

Are you going to add support for object oriented Cobol, also known as
"Add One to Cobol"?


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