Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] REPLACE, again
Author Jim Starkey
Dmitry Yemanov wrote:
> "Adriano dos Santos Fernandes" <adrianosf@...> wrote:
>> Last time we discussed REPLACE if fb-devel, one user suggested another
>> syntax that's looking better for me:
>> REPLACE INTO <table> [(<field_list>)] VALUES (<value_list>) MATCHING
>> (<field_list>) [RETURNING <value_list>]
> I like it.
The MATCHING clause makes no sense, even if you do like it, since the
<field_list> must contain the primary key, and the primary key uniquely
identifies the record. The MATCHING clause is superfluous, adding
nothing to the semantics of the statement and serving only to complicate
the usage of the statement. Ditch it.