Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Domains and NOT NULL in PSQL
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
Leyne, Sean wrote:
> Adriano,
> I'm not so sure I like the inheritance of the "not null" properties of
> the DOMAIN.
> Does that mean that I will get a runtime error if a null is assigned to
> the value inside the SP? Or, only if a null is passed/returned from the
> SP?
The error is generated in the assignment.

>> When a domain change, should be necessary to invalidate the procedure
>> cache.
>> Could be done using the stored dependencies.
> How do you propose to mark the procedure as "invalidated"?
Invalidation mean we need to parse and compile the blr again to
reconstruct new variable types.

> What if the change to the domain means that the SP is not recompilable?
AFAIK the only thing with may cause that is arrays.
We don't allow arrays in PSQL and arrays could be used in domains.
The rejection for domain arrays should be done at runtime.

> What happens if the SP source has been deleted, only the BLR is
> available?
No problem. The BLR has the type name.

> Could this "invalidation" be used to allow for SP's to be dropped
> completely?