Subject RE: SV: [Firebird-Architect] Indexes for big objects
Author Leyne, Sean

> > What many people would really want is quick search for value parts
> > long values (STARTING WITH, CONTAINING), not exact match for long
> > And this type of index is not applicable for this operation.
> That's a different issue- for that you want full text search and
> there the question is whether it should be field/table based or
> cross field and tables - also it needs proximity and some of the
> other rules that search engines use to prioritize results.

I agree it's a different issue, but one which is much more common.

By creating a new "keyword" index (indexing the individual words in a
field/blob), we would go a long way to starting on the road of a
full-text solution (which I think of as a cross table/field index -- so
it would be a definition problem not implementation), while at the same
time providing a feature which would likely be used by a LOT of FB