Subject SV: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Design of new built-in functions
Author Lars B. Dybdahl
What numbers do you have, that say that FB/IB is the market leader on

I looked into the eweek article and found, that it lacks certain statistical
qualities, like the selection criteria and the response percentage. I do not
consider the article itself useful at all.

Also, if Microsoft Access is thought of as a real alternative in the
questions asked, what about XML files? I'm pretty sure that XML files have a
large share of the attention of software developers over the world, when
talking about data storage. XML has limits, but so has Access.

In Open Source, things are not about turnover or how many software packages
licensed. It's about creating a piece of software, that does a very well
defined thing, and does that well. The success criteria for Firebird could
be, that it is the primary choice for a well defined group of developers and
DBAs with a well defined need. For instance, it will never be the preferred
choice for LAMP developers.

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Emne: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Design of new built-in functions

Jim, check your facts & do the math: FB/IB *is* the market leader on
Windows. If you disagree, please provide the numbers showing that you
are right, but please do not babble - it does not fit you.

Item 4. is another factual error: US developers are not shunning
FB/IB. There is research showing that FB is the most popular among US
developers, outpacing SQLServer (MSDE) and Jet.,1759,1756736,00.asp?