Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Design of new built-in functions
Author Leyne, Sean
> That's a meaningless distinction. What earthly difference does it
> where the code lives?

It matters in so far as supportability and portability matters -- I
expect all system functions provided by an engine to operate 100%
compatibly across all platforms, without the need for any configuration.

> >They are 'standard' as defined by the version of the Firebird engine,
> >they do not vary by database or by platform.
> >
> Pish-tosh. The set changes all the time without notice. If Firebird
> introduces a new function that overlaps a site specific user function,
> it makes all the sense in the world to change the configuration so the
> new function either has a different name or disappears from the
> namespace altogether.

Without a developer user using common sense they run the possibility of
one of a UDF name being turned into a SQL reserved word!

So, the developer already has that problem!

So, simple common sense is already required. Don't use 'simple' UDF
names or column names for that matter, use a string which you know will
be safe.