Subject Re: Index tales - part 2 - Keyword FTS
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> Text search needs to be multi-table and multi-field to be useful.

I guess, you did not change your approach to this topic significantly,
right? Then your multi-table search can be used only via API and
result of such query is set of result sets, which cannot be
represented via SQL.

But MySQL as well as your Netfrastructure provide a keyword that
allowed to perform a query against single table (and they are not the
only ones - Oracle and MS SQL do similar things). Do you want to say
that MATCH/MATCHING operators and alike is not useful at all?

I'd say that suggested keyword search is a simplified version of MATCH
operator that accesses a multi-field FTS index, however only for one
table. Having that case implemented would be of great benefit for
Firebird, considering amount of applications that use FTS via SQL.
Don't you agree?