Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Remote Shadows (again...)
Author Alex Peshkov
Dmitry Yemanov:
> m_theologos wrote:
>> 1. The remote shadows on WinNT are an important feature, if they are
>> working. This needs _real_ testing. So, if someone is so kind to
>> build a experimental SS for Win32 to test it or to give me to do some
>> crash tests...
> I could build it for you.
> >...*IF*, of course, the foundation (Dmitry?) states
>> that if everything is ok the feature will be implemented (this is in
>> order to not waste my time testing in vain something which will be
>> never implemented...).
> What feature are your talking about here? Just being able to work with
> remote shadows or something more complex?

It seems he wants to try shadows on MS network shares.