Subject Re: Future Performance Question
Author m_theologos
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> to reset transaction counters (they're 32-bit and not wrappable).
> connections is a bit worse...

I know someone which handles with MS Access arround 500-1000
connections IIRC. Before jumping on me, let's state clearly that
usually the Access is known to crash at 10-12 concurent users. How he
did this? He observed that, even if many users are "logged-in" using
his app they talk with the server a very small ammount of time
relative to the time of using the app. So, behind the scenes, he did
in Delphi a layer to trick the users, logging them on, get their
data, and after this logging their off. Perhaps you can define some
'standby', 'hibernation' stagges after some configurable ammount of
time after which some user structures which consumes resources on
server (now I remember only trx and cached struct, but, of course,
you know better than me) - someting like 'AutoCommit timeout 60
(seconds)' thus growing the posibility of 'simultaneous' connections.


m. th.

> > on something like a linux 8 cpu dual core cpu with 128 gig ram
> ... but such a platform should be able to deal with that, if you
> classic.
> Dmitry