Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Remote Shadows (again...)
Author Leyne, Sean

> The problem:
> When someone tries to create a shadow on a remote drive the server
> refuses to create it.
> Advantages:
> - Database mirroring (more details on previous threads. Do a search
> on the group's webpage at Yahoo! using 'shadow' for full discussions
> about this topic. Anyway we can talk again if you want...)
> Proposal:
> To relax a little bit the constrains imposed by the server in order
> to allow us to create a shadow remotely.

I do not support the notion of NFS attached shadows. They can only be

- database performance

- shadow reliability

- overall impact on the perception of the database should someone
experience a problem using this approach.

With the growing acceptance of SAN storage, (which is available for as
little as $5000 USD) the need for NFS/remote storage is quickly becoming
a thing of the past.