Subject Re: Support for bulk loading of data
Author paulruizendaal
Hi Dipesh,

Two interesting questions. I don't think there are specific items in
the official roadmap, but below some information that might help.

> 1)Will there be any work on developing tool like sqlloader (as in
> oracle database) for bulk loading to the firebird database.

There are several solutions for this:
- You could use the 'external table' facility to bulk load data
- You could use one of the many FB management tools (often not open
source, though)

Several oracle-mode users have asked for a sqlloader-like tool. The
thing that is open source and comes closest to sqlloader is pl/loader:
If you really need something that closely resembles sqlloader, you
may want to attempt a port of this code.

> 2) Second thing which i would like to know is the xml support for
> the firebird database and uploading of xml data from isql by
> providing mapping file between xml tags and firebird database
> objects. I would be grateful to you if you please throw some light
> on these subjects.

No such support is being planned, afaik. Your quickest way to do
something like this would be to write a stand-alone mapper in a
language with rich XML support. Maybe you can find a generalised
mapper on sourceforge or freshmeat.