Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Invalidating dependencies [was Statement Cache was: User name SYSDBA]
Author Ann W. Harrison
Dmitry Yemanov wrote:

>> However, if an object were deleted or changed in an incompatible way,
>>the damage caused would not be discovered until some time later when the
>>referencing objects failed to compile.
> Correct. And I agree such a hidden error could make some people unhappy.
>, SQL schemas tend to be very interrelated ...
> You're right. Sigh. That's why we're looking for alternatives.

OK, I did a bit of testing and discovered that taking vacation has
totally destroyed what little brain I had. It appears that the "safe"
modifications (e.g. altering a field, adding unrelated fields to a
table) are allowed, and only the unsafe operations (e.g. dropping a
reference field) are disallowed.

We don't currently support alter view, so all changes to a view require
dropping and recreating it. Dropping a view requires dropping
everything that references it.

We don't allow some alterations to fields - e.g. from NULLS to NO NULLS
- and to make those changes one must drop the field and all objects that
reference it.

What other operations cause problems?