Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: User name SYSDBA
Author Nando Dessena

>>H> Me too. I've been really struggling to understand why it would ever be
>>H> necessary (or even rational) to defer authorisation until execution
>>H> time.
>>two things come to mind:
>>1) to be able to cache prepared statements across different
J> Reuse of a cached compiled statement requires that permissions be
J> validated during the prepare operation. Nothing needs to be deferred to
J> runtime.

please clarify the difference between compiling and preparing.
Is a cached compiled statement re-prepared at each reuse?

>>2) to implement row-level security.
J> That's a different question altogether.

Meaning it's not necessarily related. OK, I just wanted to avoid
letting it slip in the flow.

Nando Dessena