Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: User name SYSDBA
Author Jim Starkey
johnson_dave2003 wrote:

>In micro-scaled systems, the nominal cost of making and breaking
>connections is just that - nominal. In even upper end small scale
>systems, it is a serious bottleneck. When you add the overheads of
>preparing queries to every connection, it becomes quite serious,
>particularly on wIntel type hardware.
It needn't be a bottleneck and certainly shouldn't be presumed to be a
necessary bottleneck. Connection pools are a poor workaround for badly
architectured or implemented database system. Connection pools are
where bugs hang out looking for victims...

>When you post to yahoo via browser, the server requests the cookie
>and uses that to provide the illusion of a seamless dedicated
>connection. They achieve the responsiveness that they do because
>every submission does not have to establish a new connection - the pp
>confirms that you have authority to do what is being asked, then it
>calls prepared statements that has been prepared for over a month to
>do the work you are requesting.
Cached compiled statements are better way to do this.