Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] User name SYSDBA
Author Ivan Prenosil
"Jim Starkey" wrote:
>I had rather thought that SYSDBA was an arbitrary account name generally
> used when creating new databases. In fact, it is hard coded in at least
> two places. Is this a really good idea? The idea of a magic account
> like "root" is pretty much discredited in favor of schemes that create a
> privileged account at creation time. Should we be considering
> eliminating the builtin SYSDBA in favor of the user name give when
> creating a database?

Speaking about hardcoded account names, what is the current state
of hardcoded ADMINISTRATOR user name ? AFAIR if user was logged
into OS as ADMINISTRATOR, he/she could connect to FB without
further authentication, and got SYSDBA's privileges.
Does it still work ? Will it work in future FB versions ?