Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] User name SYSDBA
Author Ivan Prenosil
"Ann W. Harrison" wrote:
> Jim Starkey wrote:
>> Tell me if this is a fair summary of your position. Because allowing a
>> user to have more than one role per session is non-standard, you want to
>> invent a whole new non-standard SQL object of group ...
>> Both are non-standard, but changing the rules on roles is less so,
> I disagree here. Giving non-standard behavior to standard syntax is
> marching into the deep muddy - and you can be certain the water is going
> to rise. If we want to do something different from the standard we
> should use different terminology and be clear that what we're offering
> is not what the standard specifies.

I agree with Ann, because non-standard behaviour would cause
compatibility problems, e.g. currently I can check inside trigger
which would not work if several roles were active simultaneously.