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> > The traditional work around has been to open up the database with a
> > generic user ID for the connection pool (Jim would say no security),
> > and handle the authorization in the application.
> The traditional solution has been to create SQL views.
> :-)
> If all requests are going to be invalidated when a role is switched
> dynamically, I really do not see the big difference with reattaching
to the
> db. I wish there was a way to calculate those permissions quickly.
> Otherwise, we are defeating the advantage of cached requests: they
will be
> only be valid for the current connection and while roles don't change.
> C.

SQL views are a maintenance nightmare once you get beyond a certain
(fairly small) size. At one time my company did everythign with views
... then they spend three years untangling the dogs breakfast views
created. Now, views are forbidden unless there is no other way to do
what you need.