Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Database Culture and Progress
Author unordained

Everyone else seems to be ignoring the bitter sting in your email, but I'm going to call you on it.
It was entirely uncalled for.

The passive-aggressive guilt-trip ("I give up" / "I had hoped...") is just a form of bullying.
Comparing Sean to Steve based on their arguments, and deriving that Sean is wrong now from the fact
that time proved Steve to be wrong is also unfair. "It isn't in the standard" may not be a good
argument 'against', but it's not a good argument 'for', either. Not once did you argue for or
against the feature itself based on its own merits. You merely accuse others of lack of vision.
You've often been right, but you're no fortune-teller.

I'm just a user. But as a user, I have an interest in knowing that the debates over features and
their implementations are carried out carefully and calmly. Jim isn't the only one to fly off the
handle here when there's still plenty to debate on a technical level. It never helps the process,
in fact, it cheapens it.

I honestly think this forum needs a moderator more than, say, the support list. While Helen does a
fine job of herding sheep there, I think she could have a longer-lasting effect as an arbiter here.
Decisions made on flawed (of which "bitter", "angry", and "childish" are merely subsets) arguments
affect all of us for a long time.

-Philip (just a concerned user)