Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Database Culture and Progress
Author Leyne, Sean
> When I hear Sean oppose multiple roles, I hear the echo ...

Obviously you are not listening because that is not what I have been

Perhaps you're hearing echo of the sound of water lapping on the sea
shore in Manchester.

I oppose the notion that a user needs to choose the role they want to
fulfill at any given time. Your model would have the user (or the
application) select the rule as the go along. I wholly reject that.

A user can and should belong to multiple roles, all of which are
evaluated by the based to determine whether the operation the user
wishes to perform should proceed. Without them having to do anything.

> ... and Sean's world of client server computing is doomed.

Or perhaps you can't hear what I'm really saying for the sound of your
own lips flapping.

> When the SQL committee or Microsoft show us the way, then we can

Once again, I have said nothing about keep to the standard, in fact as
far as I can tell MS's implementation is non-standard and I like it and
would advocate to drop the current implementation since it by all
accounts here is it useless.