Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] User name SYSDBA
Author Leyne, Sean
> Sounds good to me. That way you could delgate the role to another
> let him do the work, and actually find out who is doing what (right
> if anything signfiicant gets done, it's done by SYSDA, which isn't
> informative since a number of user are required to share this

My only concern is that the current implementation of Role, while SQL
compliant is almost completely useless. Any user can login with any
role -- so how can access to the SYSDBA functions be limited?... they

The change of SYSDBA from a user to a "role" would be a good thing, only
if the implementation uses a security "group" metaphor to which a user
must be added as a member and not a property which is set as a value at