Subject Re: External procedures: implementation proposal.
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> But seriously, we can't possibly discuss parameter passing and APIs
> without know what semantics must attach to them.

Same semantics that applies to the UDFs where values are passed by
descriptor. PARAMDSC is the descriptor itself, it describes what data
are stored in some area of memory. Just raw data in a format that we
define. The external procedure just reads raw data and returns raw data.

> TLV? What's TLV? Looks like another TLA to me. I can handle POV,
> though.

TLV - Thread-Local Variable. Sorry if that's my invention, so far
people understood it. Aleksey Karyakin corrects me that it should be
TLS and tells that it is bad thing to do.

Now I'm going to educate myself about TLSes and why they are evil in
C++, because in Java (and J2EE in particular) that is quite acceptable
way to handle things.