Subject Re: Database Capabilities
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> As I understand it, you and Jaybird have no interest in asking a
> database what capabilities it has, and would prefer to release a new
> Jaybird for every beta and point release so you can correlate version
> string with capabilities. That's ok with me; I don't have any
> problems with that. But I'm not at all sure other projects will think
> kit building that much fun...

JayBird will support this call if and when it is added to the public
API (I suspect that will be FB 3.0?). JayBird would still have to
correlate server version strings to support versions that do not have
that call and I think that I know how to handle this. Maybe in 2-3
years there will be no requirement to support FB 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0, so
that part will be dropped.

I wanted to say that JayBird has to implement the version string
correlation anyway, so JayBird needs should not be the only reason to
add this call to the API. So far I did hear the desperate need in it,
but it can also be that I just did not want to hear it and therefore
missed it in the discussion. For now I take a break - that was too
intensive for me.