Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Database Capabilities
Author Jim Starkey
Nando Dessena wrote:

>Suppose Firebird 2.1 supports
>32KB page sizes. I want to know what is the maximum page size for a
>database I intend to create. Do I create it with page size = 4KB, then
>ask, then drop it and re-create it? I know it's not the best of the
>examples, but try to infer my point from it.
There are a hundred reasons that create database can fail -- no
privilege, device full, lock table full, bad parameters, invalid file
name, no privilege to create file, etc. The only way you can ever know
with any certainty whether database creation is going to succeeded is to
try to create it and see what comes back. If you want a 32K page size
ask for a 32K page size and see what happens. If 32K doesn't work, try
16K, then 8K.

Even in the best of worlds, checking the version number may fail you.
Suppose Firebird 2.0 didn't support a 32K page size, 2.1 did, and by 2.2
people came to their senses and capped the page size at 8K?


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