Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Database Capabilities
Author Jason Dodson
While that tends to be true with minor versions of software (I would
expect that... say... firebird 1.5 is compatible with firebird 1.0.1), a
major version jump is just that... a new version of software.

The Apache people have a 1.3.* and a 2.0.* branch of their software,
neither compatible with one another. Unfortunately for this example,
1.3.* is still maintained, but that wasn't the original intention. The
problem ended up being that a lot of module vendors were simply refusing
to port their modules to the version 2 platform, or they have left the
face of the earth.


Jim Starkey wrote:
> Backward compatibility is the cost of doing business, so we have to
> support it, but it is so ugly. I'd rather see it wither and die. When
> somebody has an idea that would otherwise go into the services area, I
> suggest we consider the issue ab inito.