Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Database Capabilities
Author Surowiec, William
It is with some trepidation that I make the following, admittedly unusual,
suggestion - take a look at the BEEP stuff:

Ok, I know it speaks of protocols, and I might sound like a broken record
(having made the suggestion before), but this addresses a few topics that
are somewhat timely topics:

1) a new protocol
2) making events more richly available
3) encryption (optional or required, required by either the client or the
4) allow client/server discover/negotiation before the channel is made

It can function as an in-front of the database engine (and aware of the
functionality of the engine) as a way of negotiating between the client and
the server on the db capabilities as well as the other facets beep can bring
to the conversation.

It has implementations for multiple programming languages, is a standard,
has some books as well as info on the web.

The community (and I do not consider myself to be a member but rather an
interested user) should look at it, see if there are worthwhile benefits
and if it is practical given the resources at hand. It really is worth a


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