Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Firebird improvement suggestion
Author Nigel Weeks
> What would make it very powerful is if the shadow database
> volume could reside on another computer, allowing immediate
> recovery on an alternate machine in the event of the failure
> of the primary server. This is what I'm looking into, as I
> really need a resilient solution. The Firebird Book
> indicates that this is possible using NFS, but sadly appears
> to be disabled for Windows shares. Also, as far as I can see,
> any interruption to the connection would destroy the shadow.
> I also suspect that the (relatively) slow network write could
> really slow things down.

Shadows `can` exist on NFS shares, but it's not recommended. If the network
goes down, the shadow becomes detached, and thus becomes useless.

As a shadow cannot be 'brought up to date' automatically once the network
comes back, it can lead to problems.
The only way to bring it up to date is to drop the shadow, and re-create it.

What you're REALLY looking for is replication. There are heaps of
replicators for Firebird.
Nearly all of them are free, too.