Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Can we, can we, can we????...
Author Ann W. Harrison
Alexander Klenin wrote:
> 1) Quotas are NOT a replacement for on-demand request cancelling, they
> are different, although related, features appropriate for different
> use cases.

Granted - but I'd need to hear from somebody with a real application
that could be improved by quotas. I can certainly imagine situations
where quotas make managing an application more difficult, so I need a
very concrete reason to go there - not just because we can.
> 2) ...
> More dangerous are run-away queries initiated by users, ...
> The "cancel" button is good, but not a perfect solution

> a) it does not work in web interfaces

A Web application can (should?) do its own monitoring of user queries
and kill those it considers too long.

> b) there may be situation when user is content to wait a few minutes,
> but the query is so heavy that it blocks all other database activity

And probably we need a way for an administrator to identify and stop
runaway queries.

> c) there may be security implications in trusting users to cancel
> their own requests

Such as?
> 3) Lastly, even in the case of developer/dba, who is for some reason
> forced to run untested requests againts production database...

The kill-my-request call works fine in that case.