Subject Re: Embedded FB or Small FB
Author Miroslav Penchev
--- In, Paul Reeves <paul@f...>
> I don't know your skill level or experience, so I cannot judge where
> should put your efforts.

Until now I does not tell to anyone here what are my skills :) .
Shortly: I am developing on C/C++ from '94 till '02, in parallel from
'95 I am developing also on Delphi till now. I have a very good
experience with OOP and designing middle- to large- hierarchy of
classes on different languages (C++, Object Pascal and C#) and working
on mixed C and C++ code.

> However, porting Firebird and/or Vulcan to WinCE
> would be a useful contribution to the project.

I think so. I also have a need of such port and was searching 1 or 2
years ago with no success.

Anyway, I just have a little time and huge effort :) to participate by
all kinds of developing in Firebird. 2 or 3 months ago I was started
looking on source code and on-going development in Vulcan. But it is
not so easy to get involved into development in the middle of project
(Vulcan). In conclusion - I just look for my 'place' :) in Firebird
project. That port is one possible place.

Miroslav Penchev