Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Can we, can we, can we????...
Author Arno Brinkman

>> I guess I don't understand your web-server example.
> Let me suggest you another one. You have an ERP database and some
> applications. The used FB database is quite big and complex. Your users
> create necessary reports in Crystal Reports which connects to the server via
> EasySoft ODBC driver (BDE/dbExpress/whatever else). Our API cancel feature
> is not available for Crystal Reports. But users can easily forget some join
> condition when linking a few huge tables. If this reports implies sorting or
> complex stored procedures, your server is guaranteed to become hard loaded
> for a few hours (or even days).
> People often don't have full control over the software they use, so they can
> trust FB server only. And configurable timeouts give them some level of
> protection.

I guess the same counts for other db-engines as well?
May be the management report i build with Cristal Reports just takes very long, but i don't have
problems with that one. Although one started by another user does.

If a timeout would be implemented then only connection-wide IMO, because else it would certainly
lead to problems users/developers can't explain. (btw, TADOQuery uses 30 sec. as default and in the
past we had unknown problems due this :-( ).

Shot in the dark:
Also is there a way to switch priority for running requests?
For requests that already run for a long time (what is long?) it often doesn't care if it will take
somewhat seconds longer. With other words: give a starting statement a "middle priority", but when
running longer than X (fetches/ticks/looper visits/or whatever) is should not take too much IO/CPU
away for newly starting statements and therefor falls down to "lower priority".

Arno Brinkman

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