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Author Steve Summers
Here's a thought. I can't think of a situation where something other than a
"select" could need this, so maybe it could be done with a non-standard SQL
extension, similar to the "select first N..." syntax. Maybe "Select within N
{where N is in seconds}"? This would simply trigger a timer mechanism on the
server side that would do the same thing as a cancel function would do on
the client side. If the query isn't completed when the timer goes off, it
gets killed. Something like this could be added to the SQL strings of just
about any connection component or tool.

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"Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...> wrote:
> I guess I don't understand your web-server example.

Let me suggest you another one. You have an ERP database and some
applications. The used FB database is quite big and complex. Your users
create necessary reports in Crystal Reports which connects to the server via
EasySoft ODBC driver (BDE/dbExpress/whatever else). Our API cancel feature
is not available for Crystal Reports. But users can easily forget some join
condition when linking a few huge tables. If this reports implies sorting or
complex stored procedures, your server is guaranteed to become hard loaded
for a few hours (or even days).

People often don't have full control over the software they use, so they can
trust FB server only. And configurable timeouts give them some level of


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