Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Can we, can we, can we????...
Author Svend Meyland Nicolaisen
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> > > 2. How exactly are we going to track execution time of
> a request?
> >
> > Elapsed time. Every request has a timestamp of its
> beginning. Then we
> > get the current time in the looper and compare.
> Well, a direct compare doesn't suit our needs perfectly. A
> user who has an active grid with some not yet fetched rows
> will get a timeout error as soon as he press the "down" key.
> Perhaps it's better to track the time spent in the looper.
> This is neither a total request elapsed time nor a CPU time
> as there're thread switches inside the looper. But this is
> the time elapsed in the blocking mode (since the API call
> till its return), so I suppose this is what people actually need.
Are we going to time both "the execution of the statement" and the "fetch
process" as one? If so that makes no sense to me. Either only the execution
of the statement should have a timeout or the timer should be reset for each
record fetch.