Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: Batch statements
Author Vlad Horsun
""Roman Rokytskyy"" ...
> > Do you mean something like EXECUTE BLOCK in V2?
> I suspect Rick is talking primarily about prepared statements.
> Something like isc_dsql_exec2 that would take multiple XSQLDA as input
> (isc_dsql_exec3? :-) .
> For non-prepared statements EXECUTE BLOCK might do the trick, however
> it has 64k limit and requires additional support from connectivity
> components.

Each BLR message limited to 64K now. I.e. you can't pass parameter
set (or array) wich is large than 64K

> Is there any architectural issue that prevents passing multiple DML
> statements to Firebird?

Sorry - multiple DML statements (which EXECUTE BLOCK does)
or multiple parameters set for one prepared DML statement ?