Subject Re: Record Encoding
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> Beside that a BLOB field doesn't always contain
> the same type of "data". Who knows what in the future gets into the
> blob. Therefore i don't like the idea that compression should become
> an option.

What solution can you suggest in this case for a seek operation? You
see that compressed blob and seek within such blob do not work
together. Making compression compulsory means that isc_seek_blob must
be deprecated, at least that's how I understand the proposal.

> Also i would suggest that the compression is not only done on
> BLOB-data, but on every "large" data-block for whatever data-type.
> If the size of the data-block is bigger than size X then perform
> compression. Why only for BLOBs, i think this shouldn't be dependend
> on data-type.

How are you going to use this for the record deltas? Or should record
deltas be abandoned completely?