Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] UTF-8 over UTF-16
Author Svend Meyland Nicolaisen
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> Subject: Re: [Firebird-Architect] UTF-8 over UTF-16
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> > >Well, this makes some sense then. But doesn't it mean that users
> > >loose any ability to work with charsets explicitly?
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> > No. We just have to map FB charsets to OS charsets.
> Let's imagine we have to work with KOI-8R database on Windows
> (OS charset it [directly] mapped to our WIN1251). We need
> proper sorting, so an alphabetical collation is a
> requirement, hence we should setup the database charset (or
> is it not necessary with unicode collations?).

If the internal representation in future versions of FireBird is Unicode
then you no longer will specify a character set for the database I guess.
You would however in many cases need to specify a collation for the
database. Whether that collation is a standard Unicode collation for the
locale in question or a less complex proprietary collation is up to the
database developer.