Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Feature Request
Author Vlad Horsun
> > Christian Stengel wrote:
> >
> >>1. fast import utility
> Jim Starkey wrote:
> >
> > The way to do a fast load is to load the data with indexes disabled then
> > enable the indexes.
> It also helps to have the data on the same system and link your load
> application with the classic backend. That's not available on Windows
> yet (I think) but it eliminates the TCP loopback.

How about embedded ?

I have a nice example : few days ago one people asked in our conference
how to insert more than 1000 recs per second. I said that this is possible
since gbak inserts much faster. I told him about restore.epp. He studied
restore.epp and decided to go to BLR-level from DSQL. Insert speed raised
up to 10000 recs per second with local connection (he has 2000 with IBX).
With embedded he got 50000 recs per second.