Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Services API
Author Jim Starkey
Nando Dessena wrote:

>well, that was (at least) the intention of the designers of the
>services API, I think. Each service is exposed as a pseudo-object API
>and is encapsulated into a class in the client environment. Not sure
>how much nice and how much clean, though.
>If I understand you correctly, the solution you are proposing
>pairs with your idea of an object based API (please correct me if I'm
>wrong) which was discussed at length in this list, and about which I
>am waiting to see some specs to make my mind about what the benefits
>would be for a Delphi client.
What we're talking about is the API between the services provider and
the callable version of the utility. As an internal API, it won't be
visible to Delphi or any program that uses the published client API.
The clients of the internal utility API will be a) the command line
executable for the utility, e.g. gbak, b) the services provider, c) any
GUI utility front end that enterprising developers might write.